The maintenance skills of canada goose jacket

Correct method of washing :

( 1 ) If canada goose jacket is not dirty , can use dry cleaning method . With a towel dipped in gasoline in the collar , cuffs , front of garment gently wipe, after the removal of oil , with dry towel wipe at the place stained with petrol, after the gasoline evaporate thoroughly, canada goose jacket can be worn.

( 2 ) If canada goose jacket is too dirty, can only use of the overall washing method . First soak canada goose jacket in cold water for 20 minutes. With 2 tablespoons of detergent into 20-30 clean water, stir , and then place canada goose jacket into water,which pulled from the water, soak 5-10 minutes.Remove canada goose jacket from the washing liquid , tile in a clean platen, with a soft brush dipped in cleaning fluid from the inside to the outside gently scrub . After scrubbed clean , carry the clothes on the washing liquid wash out several times, and then rinse two times at 30 warm water , then put in clean water to rinse three times, to completely remove detergent residue .Wrapping the rinsed clean canada goose jacket with a dry towel,gently suck out the water, and then placed in the sun or ventilated place to dry . Once canada goose jacket has completely dried, with a stick gently pat garment surface ,to make canada goose jacket recover the original fluffy and soft.

Be able to take advantage of “anti- season storm” buy favorite and cheap canada goose jacket is really a gratifying thing. However, how to care for canada goose jacket, do you know?

If there is no obvious dirt track , new canada goose jacket may not have to clean , wrap with breathable materials ( such as sorting bags ) , put into a camphor balls to prevent moth, and then stored in ventilated and dry wardrobe, note that the above cannot be influenced by pressure.